You are a trainee at EuroHealthNet, what motivated you to come and work in our organisation?

Having recently graduated, I wanted to broaden my perspective of all of the various existing fields my profession can be a part of. In order to help me discover where my interest lies, EuroHealthNet would provide me invaluable practical experience and with a deeper insight into the field of health policies.

What is your greatest interest in EuroHealthNet’s work?

Currently I am working on the Health Equity project and I have discovered a high interest in the topic. The project aims at improving the level of health equity in the Member States, providing them with well researched informative guidance that help them reach the equity goal.  I find it very interesting because it is both very interactive and beneficial, communicating with MS and regions in order to improve health as much as possible.

Do you intend to continue working in the health sector / EU world?

I plan on continuing to work in EU related sectors and there is a high chance it could be related to the health sector, but at this stage it is still too early to be completely sure.

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